Conceptual photography

Conceptual photography means the image is created via photo and digital manipulations.  It seems almost unreal. The photograph illustrates the basic idea in such a realistic way, that viewer even can’t realize, it is the illustration or a photo. The photographer presents to the viewer a reality that exists under certain circumstances. The light, the mood, and the colour of each image presents a unique manipulation  that draws the viewers eye towards the elements of each composition. Conceptual photography is a type of fine art photography. Like the latter, everyone you ask will give you a different definition. It is an art form that has been around for as long as people have been making art. Although it seems to be something that the world has only started talking about in the last 10 years or so.

Most of the conceptual images are created with the help of shooting techniques. The basis of photos is the combination of concept, symbol and color. The last one plays a leading role in the conceptual photography. It causes emotions and reactions at the subconscious level, which affects our attitude to the objects in the picture. Each color has positive and negative associations.

  • Advertising issue

The fact is that such kind of photography is widely used in advertising, as it influences the emotional condition of the individual a lot, and as a result promote more qualified informing of a product or service. Such a photograph carries a huge amount of energy.

  • The use for interior design

The conceptual photo would be an attractive decoration for any room or office. It is not only a modern, up-to-the-minute kind of photo but a sign of a good style of a person, his particular understanding of the world.

To sum up, for most conceptual images it is important to know how to composite. How to take something from one scene, then place it into another. So if you are interested in taking so striking photos, start using your imagination. Think about how you can twist the world around you, or find some interesting things you can do with it.