Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

I totally agree with the statement of the American artist, director and graphic designer Paul Rand. Because logo is a kind of emblem, stamp, company identifier, its face, shell or exterior that the company displays on all types of advertising, from business cards to large advertising posters. The logo should be associated with the image of the brand, its products or services, as it carries something of immaterial value. And this valuable thing should serve as a clue in the consumer’s head between the firm’s products and its identification in the form of a logo image. Especially when the consumer first encounters with the products or services of the firm, he first of all looks at the logo and tries to understand whether it is possible to believe the company, whether it will become its client or not.

Logo design is not easy, though it looks so. The designer must see all the details make kind of thousands of sketches before finding those nice shapes and coming up with the main idea that really express the brand itself.  The process of creating is difficult enough. However, the results can be really profitable for both the customer and the designer.

There are some basic characteristics, what logo should look like:

  • geometrically sound ;
  • eye-catching and memorable;
  • conceptualized and informative;
  • laconic ;
  • appropriate to a business idea;
  • with a hidden deeper meaning.

And last but not the least do not assimilate a logotype with the others. Make it one and only.