Letter design

The font of any text is the unique feature as the hand-writing of a person. All the designers want to make their project perfect. And then expect the audience to feel excited and interested in it. Therefore for those who work on branding identity logo and web-design one of the most essential questions is about a choice of the best font or to create the typeface themselves for their project, as this is the way how to communicate with users. Such a delicate work requires thoroughness, creative thinking, patience and knowledge of typography. To choose or make a typeface right you should be a real aesthete.

  • Fend off poor designs

Avoid habituation to signs all around and start noticing and focusing on those tiny details Eye-catching font manage an individual on the level of optics. It sets up an appropriate mood,  stimulate the reader on the certain emotions, let us perceive an image in whole before exploring the subject. Changing the smallest detail of the font means changing the attitude to the presented content.

A lot of specifics influence the consciousness of a person to some extent, as they convey some kind of a message, which can help or interfere a product’s design. Because despite the appearance, it’s worth noticing the aim of the project the message and the value of the brand, preferences of the target audience while lettering.

  • Characteristics of the typeface that the perspective designer must keep his eye peeled for:
    • Saturation affects the perceiving the given information
    • Width affects the urgency of the message;
    • Contrast regulates the level of artistic expression;
    • The height of the string is related to the desire to impress the viewer;
    • Rounding the corners affects the level of tenderness;
    • Italic and slope requests a minute attention;
    • Geometry reflects vital values;
    • Statics and dynamics transfer the individuality and wealth of the inner world;
    • Openness affects communicability and progressiveness;
    • Interaction of letters (kerning) take a great part in lettering too, as in some cases, due to the location of the letters, words can have completely different meaning.
  • ‘Too much’ creativity

Sometimes it’s not easy for designers to interpret a future project from the world of concepts into the world of things. They forget about that border between a reality and imagination. I mean, it is not always positive to come up with a creativity only. Combine it with logic. While making a letter design don’t try to apply all the methods you know. Be careful not to overcrowd the idea.

It is better to focus on the minimum of qualities by setting them as accurately as possible, since the main function of the font is readability. That’s why it must be first and foremost informative, easy and enjoyable to perceive, not just interesting for designers.